SmokeAlarms.111018.Hillside 2On Saturday, November 10, 2018 NCJAR Realtor® Member Volunteers Installed Smoke Alarms throughout Hillside, NJ.

NCJAR has once again joined forces with the New Jersey Red Cross to save lives, reduce injuries, and build resilient communities through the Home Fire and Sound the Alarm Campaign. NCJAR members are supporting the NJ Red Cross by volunteering in the Door-to-door installation of smoke alarms and completion of home-safety checklists and plans in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Thank you NCJAR Members for dedicating your free time to make a difference —a significant difference—in the lives of those who need it most.


Since 2014, the Home Fire Campaign (nationwide) has saved 472 Lives, Installed 1,476,358 smoke alarms, made 612,405 homes safer and educated 1,207,470 youth about fire prevention.

It is through the time and care of ordinary people that extraordinary things can be accomplished. Coming in 2019 there will be additional opportunities to get involved, including participating in the Red Cross Home Fire & Sound the Alarm Campaign! Stay tuned to NCJAR emails, and website for more information!

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