EkeyUpgradeThe Supra system makes it easy for agents to show properties and gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that all showings are tracked. The Active Key Device will be phased out in the first quarter of 2019 and all Supra Users with GSMLS are required to utilize the eKey.  A Smartphone or Tablet (Not Both) is required. Avoid the lines at the exchange... Upgrade Now

What to Do Next

  1. Download the eKey App on your smart phone or tablet (Android™, BlackBerry®, and Apple).
    1. The eKEY application uses your phone's wireless communications so you can do business anywhere.
  2. Stop by any one of NCJAR Offices (Morristown, Westfield, or Bloomfield), Monday – Friday between 10am-4pm.
  3. Turn in your Active Key to Upgrade to eKey
  4. There is no fee to upgrade. However, you are required to supply a credit card to secure monthly recurring payments. Monthly fee depends on your desired level of service.

*Please Note: There are Two service levels are available: eKEY Basic for common keybox functions, and eKEY Professional which enhances basic capability with adds business tools such as MLS data stored on your phone (eliminating time consuming over-the-air searches), linking the listings to Google maps, and displaying showing details on your phone.  Learn More