2023 Real Estate InvestmentThe National Association of Realtors Real Estate Investment Summit is the perfect opportunity for real estate investors to expand their skills and knowledge on a variety of topics. Participants will learn from industry experts in an immersive, interactive setting and gain insights into current trends, disruptions, strategies, best practices, investments and more.

Sponsored by NAR’s Center for REALTOR Financial Wellness and the Center for REALTOR Development, NAR’s Real Estate Investment Summit is a three-part virtual event that will cover valuable information for new and established agents. Attendees can expect to learn strategies for generating consistent cash flow and building long-lasting generational wealth.

  • Session 1: Increase Cash Flow Through Second Homes - June 7, 1-3 pm Central
  • Session 2: Invest in What You Know Best - June 14, 1-3 pm Central
  • Session 3: Build Generational Wealth With Investment Properties - June 21, 1-3 pm Central

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