LocalIssues1A key component of NCJAR's mission is its involvement in local government affairs. Community issues usually begin at the local level. Find out what's on the agenda for governing bodies in NCJAR's service area that could affect real estate, homeowners, or property rights by reading the most recent area issues tracking report.

Local Issues Released September 21, 2022 for Morris, Essex, Union, Passaic Counties

Topics Included in this Issue: Community Improvement, Zoning & Land Use Code, Historic Preservation, Lead, Stormwater Projects, Marijuana, Community Master Plans, Special Assessments, Development Requirements, Property Ownership, Sign Ordinance, Real Estate Agents, Energy, Planning & Policy, Affordable Housing, Impact Fees, Wastewater & Sewer Projects, Referendums, Economic Development, Short Term Rentals, Taxes, Cannabis Facilities, Building Code, Walkable Community, Eminent Domain, Fair Housing, Rent Control, Rental Housing, Accessory Dwellings, Telecommunication Towers, Telecommunication Policy, Moratoriums, Energy Siting

Could you please let us know if there are any local issues we should be aware of? Tools and resources are available to make sure we stay on top of issues before they turn into big ones.

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