Questionnaire.2021Each real estate licensee is required to complete and submit their own, individual online questionnaire as a condition of their license renewal. This includes Employing Brokers, Brokers of Record, Broker-Salespersons, Salespersons, and Salesperson (Referral) licensees.
Please refer to the email you received from the NJ Real Estate Commission on or about April 22nd for the Login Credentials (Reference Number & Pin) necessary to complete the questionnaire.

How to Complete NJREC Online Questionnaire

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Reference Number or Name.
  3. Enter your Pin.
  4. Verify your contact information.
  5. Select 2021 Qualifying Questionnaire.
  6. Complete the Questionnaire and Select Continue.
  7. Certify your answers are correct & Select Submit.

Note: If you did not receive an email from the NJREC please click this link, log in with your name/reference number and request that your “PIN” be re-sent by email. 

If you do not complete and submit your own online questionnaire, your Broker WILL NOT be able to submit your real estate license for renewal and your real estate license will expire June 30th. Please contact the Broker, Manager, or Admin in your office regarding company specific procedures. Engaging in real estate business without an active real estate license is a direct violation of NJREC Rule 45:15-1.