MagnussonWhen listing an estate property and a need to remove and potentially sell personal property, you may want to call in the experts. Lori Fedkenheuer, NCJAR Affiliate of the Magnusson Group, helps Realtors® get their listings in marketable condition. The process often begins with the appraisal of art, antiques, jewelry, luxury goods, and home furnishings and concludes with a broom-swept home ready for its new owner. Utilizing a combination of auction, gallery, private sale, and "Estate" Sale methods, Magnusson connects their loyal buyers with their clients' vetted collections.  

Like so many small businesses around the country, The Magnusson Group found itself adapting to a new standard of professional practices in the age of COVID-19. Their goal was to remain efficient and safe while providing the highest level of quality service to their trusted clients and customers. As an industry leader, they were motivated by both creativity and sustainability while maintaining COVID-19 protocols. Taking cues from the current landscape, they embraced technology to reinvigorate their repertoire. They augmented their online presence in the form of sales (both estate and auction), virtual appraisals, and virtual consignments. They have not looked back, and business continues to boom both on and offline.

Selling with The Magnusson Group is not only easy but practical. Enlisting their services can yield more money in your pocket. They work to ascertain the optimal venue for your personal property while offering favorable consignment rates and preferential terms. Their seasoned team is at your disposal to provide affordable, bespoke solutions to your clients or family today. 

About the Magnusson Group

Founded in 1994, The Magnusson Group is a family-owned business that is New Jersey's leading provider of personal property appraisals, asset management solutions, and bespoke estate sales. Their close-knit team of professional, accredited appraisers helps HNW and UHNW individuals identify, value, and sell home furnishings, art, antiques, jewelry, designer goods, and objets d'art. Serving families and professionals from their office in Morristown, The Magnusson Group offers a capable, full-time team of appraisers, client managers, marketing experts, stagers, and salespeople. 

Helming the firm is President Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA, ISA AM, one of only a handful of appraisers to have earned three professional accreditations from-the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), and the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). These associations are unique in that they require rigorous testing and continuing education. Her husband, Drew, is Vice President & Senior Appraiser at the firm where he regularly mines his expertise in the precious metals market, art, antiques, and collections. Their daughter, Lauren, is the Managing Director of the firm's marquee Estate Sales Division where she oversees multiple sales teams. Magnusson's full-time support staff is complemented by their national network of appraisers, specialists, dealers, and collectors. The team has the resources and strategies to achieve top dollar in the ideal venue from antique, vintage, and contemporary items of decorative and fine art.

Over the past 25 years, the firm has developed strong relationships with all leading international, regional, and specialty auction houses to represent their client's interests best. While markets and venues have evolved dramatically over time and most recently since the pandemic, the Magnusson's have had great success selling personal property of all types. This is because each collection requires the professional's due diligence and a deep understanding of the characteristics of value, attribution and identification, provenance, staging, photography, pricing, and successful marketing.