November December Realtor MagBringing relief to the vulnerable in their communities is what the Good Neighbors do. These REALTORS® set examples for how to offer hope during the most difficult times. Also, in this issue, you'll learn about creative ways to engage clients and find tips for creating effective virtual home tours. Equipment and platforms are becoming less complex and more affordable. Plus, discover how a broker developed marketing tools that delight prospects frustrated by quarantine living, learn about NAR's new reality TV show, and more.


The Drive To Serve
REALTORS® haven't let the health crisis curtail their giving spirit.

Build an Engaging Presence
Broker Tiffany McQuaid has developed marketing tools that delight prospects frustrated by quarantine living.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Virtual Home Tour
More affordable equipment and solutions, and less complexity, make 360-degree, 3D tour creation a smart addition to every agent's tool kit.


After the Wake-up Call

Real Estate's Pandemic Pause

First-Time Buyer at 73

Hold On, That's My Client!

A Reality Show That Gets Real



Take Nothing for Granted

The Double-Edged Housing Boom

Sharing Flood Risk Intel

In the Trenches: Overdressed for Success