social media awarenessMary Cano, NCJAR CEO | July 24, 2020

Remember…You are always licensed and cannot be partly so.  Therefore, the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and the New Jersey Real Estate Commission regulations always apply to any and all of your business-related communications regardless of the form they take or the media you use to distribute them to the public.  The impressions we leave are increasingly shaped by how we conduct ourselves on social media.  What you post can be, in some cases, a violation of our REALTOR® Code of Ethics and license law.  Before posting to social media ask yourself, “is this a responsible and ethical representation of myself not only personally but professionally?”.  If you have any doubts or concerns, always review your business communications with your manager or your broker. Also remember that if you use your personal Facebook page to conduct your real estate business, the above still applies.
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