David Weisbrod, NCJAR's 2020 President, informs members that we are still waiting for NJ Governor Murphy, to respond to our request for clarity, defining if real estate licensees are considered "essential" amid the COVID-19 Crisis. The need for some real estate practices to be declared essential is to avoid the possibility of a New Jerseyan, without a place to call home, during a time where "home" is crucial.

Below is the most recent e-news form our state association concerning Covid19. As you will read, we have not heard back from the governor’s office as of yesterday, March 24, 2020. NJR continues to work diligently to get us much needed clarification on the status of real estate licensees as essential personnel. For now, please follow the guidelines issued by our National Association and our State Association as to showing properties, closing transactions and etc. 

We have reached out to our local Mayors to ascertain information on their procedures for inspections and CO's. Below is a link to the list of the towns that have responded so far to our request. As we receive these responses, we will update this list.

Also, if you have verified information on a specific town's procedures regarding inspections and CO's, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.us.