YPN Advisory Board

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) supports its Members by collaborating on best practices, cutting-edge technology, strategies and more. YPN’s mission is to provide opportunities to practitioners in the areas of networking, community service and professionals development. This group is not only for the young in age, but those young in the business and young at heart! Limited openings.

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Committee Members

Christina Ferreira

Jairo Rodriguez

Patricia Badia

Nora Bruno

Kayla Cole

Miguel DeLeon

India DelGado

Sahar Dossal

Kyle Howland

Kaitlyn Ketterman

Lynda Lloyd

Lynne Mortimer

Tatiana Mosquera

Cordiero Newton

Hector Perez

Michelle Perrone Epstein

Randy Pierre

Christine Policastro

Joseph Rios

Joanna Rodriguez

Jeanette Rodriguez

Tezeta Roro

Meghan Russo

Catherine Sacco

Shana Sanchez

Sheetal Sawhney

Yana Sermais

Jessica Sohl

Alishia Taiping

Kathryn Timpson

Jose Trinidad

Juliana Velasquez

Neda Yarnall

Sandra Young